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4/4/2024  UPDATE: 238

Melody Mynx and Victoria Lobov are both in for a job interview and sit next to each other.  They comment on how nice each one looks, and Victoria tells Melody how beautiful her breasts look.  Melody comments on Victoria's as well asks how big they are.  Melody tells her again how beautiful they look and asks if she can feel them.  Victoria says yes of course if I can feel yours too. They start to play with each other and pull their tits out and start to lick and suck on them. This leads to them kissing, licking, and tasting of each other’s pussy. Derek comes out and catches them and comments on how well they seem to be getting along.  Of course, he’d like to help keep things moving along and gets into the action.  Lots of sucking, fucking, anal, rimming, and hot boy-girl-girl 3some action.  As the girls 69 each other, Derek shoots a load into Victoria’s pussy that drips all over Melody’s pretty face.  So we get a dripping creampie on Victoria and a facial on Melody. As these hot MILF’s suggest, perhaps Derek should just hire them both and keep things interesting at the office!  (running time 41:57)

2/6/2024  UPDATE: 237

Samantha Bang is the new cleaning lady from the service Derek has used for years. Turns out that she isn’t the most energetic at her job and when Derek catches her taking a break, he tells her that she might not have this job very long. Samantha really needs the job and is determined to do anything to keep it. She crawls across the couch and shows Derek exactly what she is prepared to do to keep it. She sucks his cock then offers all of her holes to Derek. She licks his ass, takes he cock ass to mouth, ass to pussy, and a great big facial. She now knows how to use her big tits, blowjob skills and MILF holes to keep Derek’s attention. She knows how to create job security! (running time 35:49   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/8/2024  UPDATE: 236

Derek shows up to the fertility clinic to do a sperm donation.  Nurse Jenn gives him a specimen cup and instructions to provide his sample.  He is the last appointment of the day, so Jenn tells him that she is meeting friends right after work and she is going to get changed while he is working on his specimen. Derek is having trouble getting worked up enough to cum into the specimen cup, so he cracks the door and starts watching her.  Seeing her sexy hairy pussy with no panties and no bra starts to get Derek hard.  He sees her changing from her nurse scrubs into a pair of short jeans and tank top with no bra or panties.  She catches him and asks what he is doing, and he admits that he's having trouble.  She asks if watching her is helping him and when he admits that it is, she motions him over for even more help.  She proceeds to suck and fuck Derek until his sperm sample is delivered in her hairy pussy in a creampie (running time 30:00)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/30/2023  UPDATE: 235

Kristee Lixx is a brand new MILF on the porn scene. She has a thick full ass and gigantic JJ tits.  In this scene, she is on a business trip and urgently needs her laptop repaired for a meeting.  Derek, the hotel IT guy, fixes it for her but needs immediate payment of his fee.  Kristee does not have the funds so she uses her big tits and cocksucking lips to make her payment.  After lots of doggystyle, missionary, tit fucking and other positions, Derek can hold back no longer and blows his load deep in her tight MILF pussy.  Who knows maybe Kristee’s laptop will malfunction on her next stay at Derek’s hotel?  (running time 33:16)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/29/2023  UPDATE: 234

Lara St Croix is a slut wife who loves to have other men use her holes. She walks into Derek’s bedroom wearing just lingerie and knee high boots.  She wastes no time getting his cock into her mouth.  Derek gets to use all her holes rotating between her mouth, pussy and asshole.  Lara eagerly sucks his cock right after anal in hot ass to mouth action.  She shows off those long boots as she has her legs in the air getting fucked, before Derek fills her slut wife pussy with his cum in a throbbing creampie. (running time 28:49)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/4/2023  UPDATE: 233

Angel recently moved to the area and just started working at Derek’s real estate office.  She is looking for an apartment to rent and Derek brings her to one he has available.  While she is checking out the place, she gets stuck while bending over the desk and needs Derek to help her.  Derek starts out honestly trying to help Angel but then decides to take advantage of the situation.  With her bent over, it’s just too enticing to let it go.  He tells her that if she wants his help, she must cooperate with him.  Angel realizes she has no choice so she sucks his cock before he fucks her bent over the desk.  Angel then really lets her slut side out as she sucks his cock, licks his balls and ass.  Lots of fucking follows including some anal before Derek fills up her MILF pussy in a dripping creampie!  (running time 40:08)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/2/2023  UPDATE: 232

Riley Grey is a cute 19 yo. with pretty pale skin, great tits and a nice plump butt.  Like most horny girls her age, she has a fascination with big black cocks.   So she takes on our guy here as we get lots of great views of her sucking his cock.   She then climbs on and rides his hard cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, before getting her nice plump white butt pounded doggystyle.   Finally she takes a nice load on her cute face.  Gotta love horny teens like Riley!  (running time 32:27)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/28/2023  UPDATE: 231

Victoria calls her neighbor Derek to come and look at her refrigerator, she tells him she doesn’t think it’s working.  Derek is curious why she didn’t ask her husband but Victoria tells him that he is out of town.  That he is always out of town.  When Derek looks at her fridge, he notices that everything seems to be working fine. Victoria admits that she is really just lonely and needs some attention.  Here husband is always away and Victoria’s big tits are popping out of her nightgown and robe.  She drops to her knees and starts sucking Derek’s cock and it isn’t long until he has her bent over fucking her pussy, then her ass, and then her mouth.  Derek works her over rotating from her mouth to her pussy to her ass, including ass to mouth and ass to pussy until he cums inside her and all over her soaking wet pussy in a dripping creampie. (running time 35:10)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/31/2023  UPDATE: 230

Derek attended a Yoga conference and won a raffle at one of the booths.  When he went to collect his prize, he was told that there was some kind of mix-up and that he needed to go see the company representative about collecting the grand prize.  He goes to Melody Mynx’s hotel room at the conference center to collect his prize. Melody tells him that he won the grand prize - a free Yaga lesson from her, but she can’t give him that prize due to an injury she has and isn’t allowed to teach.  She is very apologetic and offers up and an alternative "prize".   Derek tells her that he isn’t sure, and it depends on what the alternative is.  When Melody pulls out her big natural tits and drops to her knees, Derek is more than sure he will accept this as his grand prize.  She proceeds to suck, fuck, and rim Derek all over the hotel room until he leaves her his own creampie “prize” when he cums in her hairy pussy.  (running time 30:25)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/27/2023  UPDATE: 229

Violette is a newer employee on a business trip with several colleagues.  She is hanging out in the hotel room while Derek goes to a meeting.  She is bored and wandering around the hotel room and finds a dildo in Derek's things.  She checks it out and decides she is going to entertain herself while waiting for her co-worker to return.  She starts sucking and fucking herself with it in every hole when unexpectedly Derek returns and catches her.  She knows she is caught and decides to put on a show instead of stopping and show Derek what a horny slut she is.  Derek decides to join in to stuff all of her holes with the dildo and his dick.  Lots of wet blowjobs, dildo fucking, anal, ass to pussy and ass to mouth and a great facial with cum in this slut's mouth.  Violette will do well advancing up the corporate ladder!  (running time 34:09)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/28/2023  UPDATE: 228

Kloe is a cute 19 year old who loves to suck cock.  So, she figured why not do it on camera?  And why not suck and fuck her first BBC on camera.  We get some great views of her sucking cock, riding cock along with doggystyle and missionary before getting her teen pussy filled with black cock sperm very deep in a creampie.    (running time 31:01)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/21/2023  UPDATE: 227

Brooke Bennott calls her neighbor Derek and tells him she needs help. Derek rushes over and when he gets there, Brooke tells him that her husband is at work once again. She complains that he is always at work and she needs some attention. She’s tried getting herself off but that isn’t what she needs. Derek is worried that her husband might come home or might find out. Brooke assures him that he won’t find out and proceeds to take his pants down and drop to her knees to suck his cock. She pulls out her big tits and seduces Derek into fucking her hairy pussy until he cums inside and all over it. Lots of oral, hairy pussy, and rimming in this video with a creampie ending. Don’t you wish you were Brooke’s neighbor? (running time 38:05)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/21/2023  UPDATE: 226

Khloe Heart is a teacher at Derek’s son’s school.  His son is failing her class.  Khloe agrees to meet with Derek to discuss the issue at her home one morning before school.  When Derek sees her, he can’t believe how hot she is.  She is decked out in a short shirt, a top with several buttons undone so you can see the cleavage from her big MILF tits, and a pair of heels that screams “fuck me”.  Derek now knows why his son is telling him that he is so distracted during her class.  He stumbles to explain to Khloe that he suspects his son is distracted by her sexual energy. Khloe explains that as she has gotten older, her sex drive has gone through the roof and being around all those teen boys turns her on. She starts rubbing herself and tells Derek that now that she’s thinking about it, she’s getting turned on now and needs a minute to recover.  She goes into the kitchen and continues to rub herself and now is in a full-blown masturbation session.  As she is getting herself off on the kitchen counter, Derek walks in on her and can’t believe what he is seeing.  She notices he is there and instead of being embarrassed, says “what are doing just standing there, get over here and fuck me”.  She sucks and fucks Derek all over as we get great views of her big MILF tits and PAWG ass before he fills up her pretty shaved cunt in a dripping creampie. Derek may want more conferences with his son’s teacher!  (running time 33:25)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/27/2022  UPDATE: 225

Brooke Bennott is with her husband at a convention staying in a nice hotel suite.  He has left early for meetings without delivering his hard morning dick down as he had promised.  That leaves Brooke very frustrated!  Instead of having breakfast in the kitchen, she decides to try and satisfy the needs of her horny, hairy pussy.  We get some great views of her gorgeous MILF tits and full hairy bush as she fingers herself before getting out a vibrator and pleasuring herself to make herself cum nicely.  Anyone think this frustrated MILF needs some real dick in that beautiful hairy pussy?  (running time 22:26)  NOTE: We are excited to announce that Brooke is back producing more hot content.  She has decided to minimize showing her face for privacy reasons.  You will still get to enjoy her hot MILF bod, gorgeous tits and full hairy bush!   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/29/2022  UPDATE: 224

Melody Mynx is at Derek's office to take part in a paid research project on sensory perception.  Derek explains to her that there will be several tests including a touch test, a mobility test, and a taste test. After touching her in ordinary places like her face, arm and knees, she reports that she is very comfortable with everything and open to moving to the next phase of the "research".  Derek then touches her thigh and pussy and she reports that she is getting very wet. After touching her nice big tits, it is decided she can feel things better naked.  She then tastes her wet pussy on Derek's fingers, before getting a taste of his cock in her mouth.    We get a great view of her hanging tits and hairy pussy as she shows her cocksucking skills.    Derek and Melody both decide that even though the test is officially over there is no point in stopping now. She really uses her hot mouth on his cock before lots of fucking including some hot standing doggystyle with her tits hanging.  They finally do some hot missionary fucking alternating between pussy and ass and her mouth before he unloads in her hot MILF cunt with a spurting creampie.  They conclude the "research" with Melody tasting his cum mixed with her pussy juices.  Seems like it was a very successful experiment!  (running time 45:12) For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/09/2022  UPDATE: 223

Hot redhead MILF Andi James has had a tough day of traveling. She just wants to relax in her hotel and watch a little porn and masturbate. When she realizes she has no internet connection, it leaves her very frustrated and horny. She calls the front desk and Derek arrives to troubleshoot her problem. He quickly gets her back online and notices she had a porn site up on her laptop. One thing leads to another and Andi soon has her tits out and legs spread. Derek can't resist and gets his cock out. After lots of cock sucking they fuck in many positions before Derek fucks her big tits and blows his load in her waiting mouth and face. Sometimes the real thing is even better for a weary traveler than internet porn. I suspect Andi will look forward to her next business trip staying at that hotel! (running time 30:45)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/03/2022  UPDATE: 222

Destiny Silver is a glamorous looking blonde from the East Coast who decided since she is in her late twenties it is more than time for her to try porn.  And why not also fulfill another desire to try a black cock?  Besides her gorgeous looks and great 36C tits, she has nice full dick sucking lips.  In this video, she spends a lot of time with those lips on a hard black cock.  After showing her dick sucking skills, she climbs on to ride that hard BBC before getting pounded doggystyle.  We get some great views of those gorgeous boobs bouncing around as she gets fucked.  Finally our guy, can take it no longer and jerks a big load all over her pretty face!  (running time 31:13)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/07/2022  UPDATE: 221

Claudia is a photographer that works with real estate agents to help with house sales by taking professional photographs of condos and apartments. She is brand new to the job and really needs things to go well. Derek hired her company for the job and is following her around as she is photographing and notices she isn’t wearing panties or a bra and decides to see if he can turn the tables. He asks Claudia if she has ever been on the other side of the camera. She says that she hasn’t as she has always been kind of shy and she is wants to focus on the pictures because she wants to do a good job and can’t afford to lose this opportunity. Derek assures her that the pictures she’s taken look great and he will make sure she gets plenty of work with his company but really wants to try his hand at taking some pictures of her. She reluctantly agrees and after a few vanilla photos, Derek convinces her to show a little more than she is comfortable with. She goes with it and soon starts to really get into it, to the point she starts to play with herself until Derek joins in and the fun really starts as Claudia’s inner slut comes out. Claudia is a true squirter and let’s out a stream while getting herself off and sucking Derek. He fucks her in multiple positions before cumming in her shaved pussy in an oozing creampie (running time 25:49)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/30/2022  UPDATE: 220

Melanie Hicks and Mike are new neighbors to the condo who come over to introduce themselves to Victoria and Derek. They just moved in and wanted to say Hi. We talk a little about how things are going, and Derek mentions the place is great but there is an issue with the plumbing on the second floor. Mike mentions that he has some experience with that and Victoria offers to show Mike where it is upstairs and they head up. Victoria is talking to Mike and jokes that the reason they left their last neighborhood is because some of the wives weren’t too happy with Melanie. When Mike is pressed to say why, he explains that it’s because he likes to share her with other husbands. Victoria doesn’t seem to mind and asks Mike “What about you”. Doesn’t take long for Victoria to have his pants down and a cock in her mouth. Meanwhile, Melanie is explaining the same situation to Derek downstairs. Doesn’t take her long either to have Derek’s cock in her mouth. She gets turned around and her pants taken down and bent over the table and Derek inserts himself into her. They all meet back up in the living room and now everyone is all worked up. The guys start to undress their wives and it turns into a foursome with the girls fucking and sucking until the both get plastered in the face with cum. (run time 46:30)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/1/2022  UPDATE: 219

Raye is a local artist that makes crafts and she comes over to consider a job to decorate an apartment. She comes over wearing a sundress and pretty wedge shoes and is obviously a free spirit. Turns out she is completely uninhibited, especially sexually (which sometimes gets her into trouble). When asked what kind of "trouble" she says that sometimes she just goes with the flow and the next thing you know, she's naked and having sex. She never wears underwear or a bra and sometimes the simplest thing will start to get her turned on. When she is left alone to look over the job, she's now turned on and starts playing with her tits and then fingering herself. When the apartment owner returns, Raye is deep into self-pleasure and there is no turning her off until she gets a cock in her ass and a creampie. (running time 36:49)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/30/2022  UPDATE: 218

Kitten Charmer is a petite inked slut from the East Coast area who is just getting started in porn. She hadn't tried out a BBC yet so our guy made that possible. After sucking his cock we get some great views of her getting BBC doggystyle and in several positions before he fills her tight little pussy up with BBC sperm in a creampie. Watch for more of Kitten! (running time 27:52)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/11/2022  UPDATE: 217

Angel was referred to therapist Derek by a friend because she has an issue with constantly wanting to stick inanimate objects in her pussy (lollypops, hairbrushes, panties, etc.) and needed to see someone very discreetly to help her with her problem. Her friend told her that Derek had experience helping people with similar problems and thought he could help her.  
Angel tells Derek about some of the things she has put into her pussy (cell phones, hairbrushes, fruit, lollypops, panties).  She explains to Derek that she just gets so turned on (usually when she starts by putting something in her mouth) and she gets out of control horny and that leads to sticking things inside her hairy pussy until she cums.  
Derek explains to Angel that the only way to truly help her is to see it for himself.  He offers her a lollypop from his desk and instructs her to show him what happens when she starts sucking on it.  It doesn't take long for Angel to start sucking and getting turned on and she goes from licking and sucking the lollypop to putting it in her pussy and pulling her tits out while she gets herself off.  Then she sticks her hairbrush in her pussy and gets really worked up.  She slowly stuffs her pussy with her panties and then slowly pulls them out.  
Derek tells her that the only way to help her is to get her transitioned from inanimate objects to real flesh.  He offers himself to help with her "treatment" and pulls out his cock for her to start sucking on.  Then he transitions into sticking his cock inside her and fucks her every way that he can until he fills her with sperm in a messy creampie.  Derek then tells her that she needs to come back tomorrow for a follow-up visit. (running time 41:08)

12/15/2021  UPDATE: 216

Azora claims to be a lesbian but she decide to try some cock again for a change.  So she decided why not try a nice fat black cock?  And as long as she was trying a black cock, may as well try a black cock in her virgin asshole too!  After lots of pussy fucking our guy VERY slowly works his BBC into her very tight ass for a bit.   After more fucking of her very tight pussy, he blows his load all over her pussy and tummy.  Gotta wonder if Azora is gonna stay a lesbian the way she loved being pounded by hard cock!  (running time 44:31)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE

11/03/2021  UPDATE: 215

Sydney Paige is a new employee at Derek’s company and is called up to a meeting with him about a sensitive issue.  Derek starts off by telling Sydney that she has done a terrific job since coming on board but that unfortunately he has received several complaints from the staff about her appearance.  Sydney is completely shocked to hear this and explains that she always takes extra care making sure she looks good for work and does her hair and makeup every day before coming to the office.  After having her stand up, Derek shows Sydney that the problem is that her panties are showing lines through her tight black skirt.  After she promises to fix it the next day, Derek says it must be fixed now. She wants to save her job and knows her body can convince Derek to keep her on.  She stands up and removes her panties.  Her great ass and pussy immediately makes Derek spring into action.  After lots of great, sloppy cock sucking and ball licking, Sydney hops on Derek's cock and gives us a nice few of her riding cowgirl.   We then get some great views of her getting pounded hard doggystyle, before Derek puts her on her back and pounds her missionary and fills her hot pussy with cum in a dripping creampie.  Do you think Sydney has gained some job security or maybe even a promotion?   (running time 31:18)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/12/2021  UPDATE: 214

Alyxis Rae is an open minded slut from Baltimore.  She decided to do a night of firsts.  She decided to try her first porn shoot and also get her first Big Black Cock.   She also had never had a guy cum on her face before so after lots of her great cocksucking and riding her first BBC, she got a good load dropped on her in a dripping facial.  But she wasn't done yet.  After more of her great cocksucking, she got that BBC hard  again to get pounded in several positions before getting a big load of semen deposited directly in her wet pussy in a dripping creampie!  (running time 31:34)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE

7/11/2021  UPDATE: 213

Violette Blakk is interviewing with Derek for a hotel management position. Derek confronts her that her background check revealed that she was on certain websites out there and made it difficult to recommend her for the job. She proceeds to show Derek why she is popular on those websites as she offers her ample tits, cock sucking mouth and hot pussy to him. After lots of fucking including hair pulling doggystyle, Derek pounds her missionary and fills her hot cunt with sperm in a dripping creampie. Do you think she should get the job? (running time 32:08)   For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/1/2021  UPDATE: 212

Lala Ivey is a hard working 19 yo. stripper. She has hustled at the club and earned enough to barely make her rent for the month. Unfortunately in her excitement she has forgotten to lock her apartment door. A robber sneaks in behind her and wants to take her hard earned money. She pleads to suck his cock if she can keep her money. He then bends her over the counter and fucks her from behind and creampies her. They then move to the couch where she rides his hard cock until he creampies her a second time. To make sure she seals the deal, she fucks the robber some more on the bed, and gets creampied a THIRD time! Better have lots of dick energy if you are gonna rob Lala! (running time 34:14)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/11/2021  UPDATE: 211
Melanie Hicks wants to become a webcam model and is meeting with Derek and Mike who run a webcam site. She knows nothing about how this all works so Derek and his partner explain to her that they can really help her make a lot of money.  Derek and Mike offer to give her a little free coaching since she is a new client.  Melanie thinks that's a great idea and decides to get started right away.  Derek and Mike get her started on a 'practice' cam session and watch and she strips down and starts playing with her big tits and wide open pussy.  Mike and Derek are getting so turned on watching her that they decide to convince her that the webcam girls that really make big bucks are the ones that get get guys involved and fuck on cam sessions.  Melanie is all about making big bucks and agrees to a practice session with the guys.  They certainly put Melanie to the test in a hot suck and fuck threesome. Derek blasts her with a dripping facial and Mike fills her pussy with an oozing creampie. Do you think the two guys will hire her? (running time 42:29)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/29/2021  UPDATE: 210
This video is very simple. Taylor Gift needs some black cock and she is gonna get it. We see her suck it nicely and then get fucked by it with some great views of the hard black rod sliding in and out of her tight young pussy. After riding it cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, she gets it hard doggystyle before getting fucked missionary and taking black cock sperm all over her pussy. (running time 22:20)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/24/2020  UPDATE: 209
MILF Andi James invites Derek over to visit and introduces him to her niece (well she is a step-niece) who is staying with her while she is working through some “issues”.  When Derek asks about the issues, Andi tells him, it’s kind of a sexual addiction – she’s attracted to much older men”.   Derek doesn’t think that’s an issue and neither does the niece.  Derek comments that he would have guessed they were really related.  Andi tells him that they are related on one way...  She tells her niece to “show him”. Gianna spreads her legs revealing a hairy bush. Andi then spreads her legs to reveal the same. It’s a 3 way fuck fest with Andi and Gianna in a 69 while Derek pumps Gianna's hairy pussy full of cum in a creampie that drips right into Andi’s hot waiting mouth. (running time 38:50)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/12/2020  UPDATE: 208
Lola Hunter  has fucked her co-worker the night before a big meeting.  Now after the meeting is over, she wants more cock to wind down from the stress.  So she invites him to her room again and relaxes with his tongue on her pussy.  After sucking his cock like a good slut, she hops on and rides it until he pumps her pussy full of sperm in a creampie.  But she wants more and takes him doggystyle before he fucks her hard again and gives her a load on her cute face in a dripping facial.  Things will never be the same at the office again!  (running time 26:07)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/23/2020  UPDATE: 207
Victoria Lobov is a hot Russian MILF with huge tits that she can’t wait to set free and play with.  We get some great views of those tits as she gets on her knees to service Derek's cock with her full lips.  He shoves it in her pussy and ass and back to her pussy again.  Lots of hot anal action as she takes his cock in her mouth in ass to mouth cocksucking.  Finally Derek can take it no longer as he pump his sperm deep in her tight pussy in throbbing creampie.  (running time 29:49)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/19/2020  UPDATE: 206
Andi James is going to visit a condo she's thinking of buying.  When her real estate agent picks her up, he finds out quickly that Andi is much more than your average MILF.  She hates to wear panties or a bra and isn't shy about showing off her hairy pussy and big tits.  Flashing in the car and condo elevator gets the mood set and before long, Andi is pulling out her tits and spreading her legs before she get a cock up her ass and cum on her face. (running time 33:51)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/4/2020  UPDATE: 205
Asian slut
Meow Meow brings along her friend Mackenzie to have a little 3some fun with her favorite older black cock. We get some hot views of Meow Meow riding black cock while playing with her girl. Then we get a little surprise as the cameraman steps in and gets his cock sucked by Meow Meow while Mackenzie is getting black cock. Finally we get to see both girls playing with the cameraman until they make him squirt cum like a fountain. Being the good slut she is, Meow Meow licks up every last drop! (running time 26:20)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/20/2020  UPDATE: 204
Violette Blakk wants to surprise her husband for his birthday so she wants to have some sexy photos done.  After some online searches for photographers with REALLY good ratings, she hires our man Derek.  The shoot starts and Derek notices that she isn’t wearing a bra or panties.  He suggests that he sometimes shoots some more provocative pictures for wives that want to re-kindle the spark for their husbands.  With some hesitation, she reluctantly agrees.  She loosens up a bit of her clothing and when Derek suggests that some even hotter pics could be shot if she were to start touching herself, Violette finds out why Derek’s reviews are so good when his cock ends up inside her mouth, pussy, and her ass. He finds out that she loves to suck cock like a total slut.   Lots of action including rimming, ass to mouth, ass to pussy, and an anal creampie.  I sure hope Violette's hubby is happy with her effort to produce his birthday present!  (running time 39:32)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/6/2020  UPDATE: 203
Mia Kay is a cute inked slut from New Jersey with nice tits. She wants to try her first black cock. So she warms up for it getting herself off with a nice vibrator before take that hard cock in her mouth to show off her cocksucking skills. We get to see her ample boobs bouncing around nicely as she gets pounded missionary. We also get to see her nice full round butt getting pounded doggystyle before our man shoots his load all over those butt cheeks.  Mia Kay has a body just made for fucking! (running time 27:19)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/22/2020  UPDATE: 202
MILF Brooke Bennott apparently is the office slut who got caught sexting with a co-worker. When she is caught by another co-worker, he confronts her and threatens to tell her husband. Brooke will do ANYTHING to not get caught and is ordered to strip down, show her hairy pussy and big tits and get what she deserves. Not long before she is sucking and fucking to a messy creampie ending. (running time 37:07)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/27/2020  UPDATE: 201
Cici Murata is a hot Asian 18 yo. who is horny and active on Tinder. She finally invites over a guy from Tinder because she liked his dick pics. He walks in wearing a mask but then drops his pants so Cici can get his cock in her mouth like she wanted. In no time he blows his load on her face after some quick doggystyle. They fuck some more and he cums on her tummy. Then after riding his cock he pounds her doggystyle and cums on her ass a 3rd time. After pulling off his mask, Cici realizes her Tinder date was actually her boss! That will make for some awkward office moments! (running time 27:37)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/2/2019  UPDATE: 200
MILF Alby Daor is a new executive secretary for a very successful firm.  She's on her first business trip with her boss and already she's messed up an important client dinner and then on the morning of an important meeting, drops the sorted client files all over.  When her new boss tells her that the job most likely won't work out because there doesn't appear to be ANYTHING she does right, she sets out to prove him wrong.  Opening all her holes, she shows him what she's worth, including his cock straight from her ass to her mouth. After lots of cocksucking and ass fucking, he blows his load all over her slutty face in a dripping facial. (running time 31:33)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/21/2019  UPDATE: 199
Nikole Woods is a cute slender slut from the Baltimore area who is just trying out porn. So, why not get her broke in to some BBC right away! After showing how cute she looks with a black cock in her mouth, she climbs on and ride his hard cock good. Then, after fucking in several positions including doggystyle, she sucks his cock again until she gets his black cock sperm all over her cute 18 yo. face in a dripping facial! Note: Nikole is our first 2001 born girl on EastCoastXXX. (running time 19:53)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/9/2019  UPDATE: 198
Andi James  is running late for a business meeting when our guy Derek arrives to pick her up. He quickly discovers that the zipper is stuck on the tight knit top covering her gorgeous big tits. In the process of trying to help her, his hand ends up on those tits. He can't help himself and forgets about the zipper as her hand wanders to his cock. Before long his cock is out and in her mouth. Derek proceeds to eat her pussy and pound her ginger pussy in various positions before blasting his load in a dripping creampie. Something tells me that they didn't mind being late for their meeting!  (running time 32:03)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/5/2019  UPDATE: 197
Gianna Love is back for more fun with our guy Derek.   He learns about her unknown talent of squirting and decides he has to witness it.  So after she gets on her knees like the good cocksucker she is, he plays with her hairy pussy while she gives a great blowjob.  After lots of playing he gets a nice squirt out of her, but he can't resist sticking his cock in her hairy pussy.  After some good missionary fucking he blows his load in and on her hairy pussy in a nice creampie!   (running time 31:36)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/5/2019  UPDATE: 196
Brooke Bennott is out doing some jogging trying to keep her curvy MILF body in shape.  She encounters her co-worker Derek while on her run and stops back by his place to chat.  Derek offers to help her stretch out her running cramps and his hands soon land on her nice round butt.   One thing leads to another and soon Derek is pulling her jogging suit off to finger her hairy pussy.  After she gets her big tits out we get a good view of her getting fucked doggystyle.   After more fucking, sucking and ball licking, Derek fucks her missionary and fills her hairy cunt with sperm in a dripping creampie.  That will make for awkward circumstances at the office for sure!  (running time 24:16)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/7/2019  UPDATE: 195
Lola Hunter  is traveling on business and gets lonely and horny as usual.  She is staying at the same hotel where she had fun with Larry the maintenance guy before.  She decides to see if it will work again as she calls down to the front desk to report a "plumbing problem".  To her pleasant surprise she realizes it is Larry again as she comes out of the bathroom mostly naked.   Larry promptly gets his hard cock sucked before bending her over in standing doggystyle and filling her pussy with a dripping creampie.  They then move to the couch so Lola can ride his hard cock before he pounds her missionary and gives her another creampie!.  Some hotels really take care of their guests including their "plumbing issues"!  (running time 29:06)    For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/23/2019  UPDATE: 194
Sarah Inex is 21 yo tatted slut who just can't get enough cock.  This video is just a collection of footage of her taking on our guy Xavier and his young BBC stud friend Brandon in hot threesome action.   They take turns fucking her while she sucks the other guy. Brandon especially pounds her hard for extended periods of time.  This slut just can't get enough cock! (running time 56:31)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/29/2019  UPDATE: 193
Andi James has had a long day traveling and is too frazzled to prepare for her business meeting the next day.  Her co-worker Derek volunteers that he had training as a masseuse and will help her relax.  In no time we see what a horny ginger MILF Andi James is.  We see under her skirt a nice ginger pussy needing some cock.  After sucking Dereks cock, she wants it between her nice big tits for some tit fucking.  Derek pounds her pussy in several positions before unloading in a dripping creampie.  Have a big tit redhead in your office?  Maybe she just needs a massage!  (running time 32:41)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/27/2018  UPDATE: 192
Old Matt's friend Larry has never been with a black girl.  So why not break his "cherry" with the very hot Lala Ivey. She makes it an experience he will never forget as she starts off getting naked and showing him her gorgeous eighteen year old body.  Once he dives in and starts tasting that delicious pussy of hers, he is not turning back.  When she takes his hard cock in her mouth, he thinks he has died and went to heaven!  Eventually she climbs on and enjoys riding his big cock before he cums a little in her tight pussy.  But they are just getting started as he fucks her gorgeous ebony body in several positions before she rides it again and take his big load in her pussy in a dripping creampie!   Be sure to watch for more of upcoming pornstar Lala Ivey right here!  (running time 31:55)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/27/2018  UPDATE: 191
Brooke Bennett is a young looking MILF with big tits who is applying for a job at Derek's old fashioned company.  Derek think she will look too young for the job, so Brooke shows him her mature hairy pussy. After lots of blowjob action, she is starting to convince him, but Derek wants to fuck that hairy bush of hers. We get some great views her tits as he slides his cock between them before fucking her until he shoots his load in her mature hairy pussy in a dripping creampie.   I think Brooke will be able to move up the corporate ladder quickly in spite of her youthful appearance!  (running time 46:19)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/26/2018  UPDATE: 190
Cali Leigh is a gorgeous blonde slut who wanted to try her first black cock.  So, she immediately drops to her knees and shows her blowjob skills.  But she really wants to ride that BBC so she climbs on for some hot cowgirl action.  After some reverse cowgirl, she gets pounded doggystyle and missionary before taking some hot sperm all over her cute face in a dripping facial.  I think she will want more black cock!  (running time 25:14)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/8/2018  UPDATE: 189
Grisha Petrov is a hotel manager who comes to Derek's room to take care of his room since he didn't get maid service.  It is her day off so she is dressed in a very low cut dress to go out.  Derek can't help but notice her big tits just falling out of that dress.  She doesn't mind him touching her tits and in no time she has his dick out to show her cocksucking and titty fucking skills.   After lots of fucking Grisha squirts all over Derek but she is not done as she wants his cock in her ass.   After some good anal pounding, he fills her tight asshole in a dripping anal creampie.  Next time you need a hotel manager call Grisha! (running time 35:03)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/22/2018  UPDATE: 188
Sierra is a 19 yo. skinny little slut who had never had a black cock before.  So she decided to try it on cam with our guy.  After taking his BBC in her mouth, he pounded her quickly and filled her tight little pussy with sperm in a creampie.  After some more cocksucking she rode his cock and made herself cream all over it.  After pounding her some more doggystyle he blew another load all over her cute little butt. I think this skinny slut will be glad to take on more BBC.   (running time 34:42)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/30/2018  UPDATE: 187
Carol is horny 18 yo. high school girl.  She has been sitting in her math class fantasizing about her math teacher Mr. Mathews cock.  She finally has convinced him to show up and fuck her.  She masturbates while waiting for him until he quietly enters and eats her pussy.  After slurping on his cock he barely gets his cock in her tight pussy before blowing his load on her cute face.  But then Mr. Mathews gets a nice view of his student riding his hard cock before he pounds her hard doggystyle and finally give her another cumload on her soft young tummy.  Note: for real after this shoot, Carol had to go home and work on her math homework! (running time 34:36)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/12/2018  UPDATE: 186
Melanie Hicks is a young big titted MILF who really needs a job.  Her prospective boss Derek is old school and is chagrined by the cleavage she is showing at the interview.   But he figures he will find out how bad she wants the job by spanking her plump ass for punishment and interviewing her with his dick in her mouth.  She wants the job badly so she sucks his cock and licks his balls until he fucks her doggystyle.  Before long he lays her back and pounds her pussy until he fills it up in a dripping creampie.  Sounds like Melanie will get along great with her new boss! (running time 36:27)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/8/2018  UPDATE: 185
Redheaded slut Ava Little discovered she loves black cocks.  So she wanted to share a black cock with her good friend Taylor Gift.  They had a lot of fun giving two girl blowjobs to our guy before Taylor climbed on and rode the BBC hard.  We see some girl-girl pussy licking, more fucking and lots of sloppy cocksucking before he blows his load all over Ava's face.  Taylor wanted some cum too so she licked it off Ava's face! .      (running time 27:31)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/9/2018  UPDATE: 184
Naomi confessed to me that she has always had a fantasy about fucking a total stranger.  Just suck the guy's cock and ride him until he blew his load without ever saying a word.   So, I arranged it for her with a friend of mine.  He went immediately for her delicious pussy as she laid back and enjoyed his tongue.  Then she returned the favor with great blowjob skills until she got on and rode him cowgirl and rode him and rode him.  After some hard doggystyle, she got on to ride him reverse cowgirl until he unloaded his sperm deep in her pussy in a dripping creampie.  Wouldn't you love to be the secret stranger of a hot slut like Naomi!  (running time 25:39)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/30/2017  UPDATE: 183
Gianna Love needed work to help pay for her college.  She ended up with a crappy job as a fill-in housekeeper at a hotel.  Our man Derek just happened to be staying there and let Gianna come in to tidy up his suite while he worked.  He decided to offer her a nice tip if she cleaned topless, then bottomless showing off her hairy pussy and before you know it she was on her knees slurping his hard cock like a good little slut.  After fingering her and bending her over the couch he pounded her hard doggystyle.   He then pounded her good missionary and filled up her college girl pussy in a nice big creampie.  (running time 34:57)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/27/2017  UPDATE: 182
Kira Avon is a 19 yo. hotty from Indiana with nice tanlines who previously did an audition shoot with me.  Her near perfect tight little body kept my cock hard throughout the shoot.  So, I decided to see if she had the same effect on my friend Larry.  After getting naked and letting Larry slurp her gorgeous wet pussy she took his already hard cock in her mouth before climbing on and riding his big cock.  Larry didn't last long before blasting his cum deep inside her in an oozing creampie!  But after some more cocksucking, she was ready for some more fucking as she looked gorgeous taking it doggystyle and in other positions before Larry unloaded again on her cute tanned tummy.   (running time 26:10)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/7/2017  UPDATE: 181
Winter is a 22 year old college student.  Besides the usual college student partying, she just absolutely LOVES to FUCK. So I hooked her up with a buddy who actually has a little trouble cumming. That means he can fuck for a long time before he cums. This video delivers as promised with nearly 40 min. of fucking, sucking, more get the point.   Finally he busts his load all over her perky young tits.     (running time 39:33)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE

6/27/2017  UPDATE: 180
Lux Lisbon is a hot long legged tall blonde from the East Coast.  She is anxious to make a name for herself in porn.  So she figured the best way to show off those gorgeous long legs of hers is to have them in the air while getting pounded by a big black cock.  She does not disappoint as she looks very hot sucking hard black cock before getting pounded in several positions and taking a nice cumload on her pretty face in a dripping facial.      (running time 25:04)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/18/2017  UPDATE: 179
Lola Hunter is tired and frustrated from getting ready for a meeting the next morning and just needs some cock to wind down.  So, she invited her co-worker to her room to "help" with the business presentation.  Instead, she helped his cock get hard with her cocksucking and then she helped his cock explode in her tight pussy in a dripping creampie.  But she needed more and sucked his cock so she could ride it hard, before he pounded her and filled her up with a second dripping creampie.  Every guy needs a coworker like Lola to make business trips more fun!    (running time 33:04)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/6/2017  UPDATE: 178
Harley is a cute 19 yo. slut who learned she really likes black cock.  So she is back for more and this time she wants black cock sperm in her fertile pussy.  After sucking our man's cock good he bends her over a table and fucks her from behind.  After moving to the couch she sucks that big black rod some more before getting slammed good doggystyle.  Finally he puts her on her back and shoots his load on her pussy and then pumps her some more to get the sperm deep in her cunt for a good BBC creampie.  I have a feeling Harley will be back for more black cock! (running time 25:30)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/10/2017  UPDATE: 177
Mya Madison is a skinny Asian slut from Chicago who is just trying out porn.  She had just finished getting fucked in her porn audition but she wanted more.  So we brought on our guy Larry to fuck her some more. After riding his big cock good, he takes her doggystyle and eventually fills her tight pussy with cum in a dripping creampie.   Mya likes getting paid to fuck in porn because she genuinely loves to fuck as you will see by her facial expressions.   (running time 20:40) For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE    Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

1/18/2017  UPDATE: 176
Jenna is one of those cute but slutty 20 year olds who just wants to have fun and get lots of cock.   She had never had a black cock before so she figured why not try one on camera!   We start out with her in the shower getting a good look at her slender body when our guy joins her there for some hot blowjob action.   After bending her over and fucking her in the shower, she moves to the bed.   After getting pounded by black cock in several positions, she takes his sperm all over her nice shaved cunt.   Something tells me she will be wanting more black cock in the future! (running time 29:52)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

12/27/2016  UPDATE: 175
Ginger is trying to divorce her asshole husband and needs a lawyer to do it. She hires Dan, a well known divorce attorney to handle her court hearing the next day. Unfortunately, she has no money to pay his initial retainer. So, Dan decides to "take it out in trade" by making her suck his cock, followed by lots of hard fucking. His law partner stops by and decided to join in for a bit and creampies her pussy. Dan can't hold back any longer and unloads lots of cum on her pretty face in a hot facial.  (running time 36:07)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

11/22/2016  UPDATE: 174
Anastasia Rose had fun fucking her BFF's older brother Larry.   This time she has it planned out again where they are alone and she is ready in some hot lingerie and very horny.  After getting Larry's attention with her young pussy, she sucks his cock and takes him doggystyle right on the couch.  They then move to bed where she rides his hard cock like a pro before getting fucked doggystyle again ending in a dripping creampie!   Anastasia Rose is definitely all grown up!  Running time (19:26)  For a FREE Preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

9/20/2016  UPDATE: 173
Ava Little is a hot redhead slut with long legs from the East Coast. This girl absolutely loves to ride cock! She especially loves to ride black cock. After riding our man's black cock for a while she decides she wants to try it in her ass. So after fucking with a plug in her ass she takes that hard black cock in her ass good. Finally he can't take it any longer and spews his load all over her cute freckled face. Red hair, pale skin, freckles, loves cock of all ages and colors. What more could you want in an anal slut? (running time 32:55)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

8/21/2016  UPDATE: 172
This video opens with
Nadia White showing off her big tits as she soaps up in the shower.  She decides she needs some company in the shower and soon has a hard big black cock to suck on.   Soon she turns around and is getting fucked from behind in the shower.  But the fun can't end in the shower as they move to the living room and fuck hard in several positions as we watch Nadia's huge tits flopping around.  With her wet pussy and gorgeous eyes our guy can't take it any longer as he unloads some hot cum all over her pussy!  (running time 20:10 )   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

7/21/2016  UPDATE: 171
Severin Graves and Kiki Munroe were having a little girl-girl fun when they realized they were missing one important thing in their play - a nice hard cock!  So, they asked Severin's friend John to join them and they wasted no time getting his cock out for some two girl cocksucking action.  Kiki is ready to get fucked by John's nice cock and he pounds her good before taking turns in several positions with each girl.  John doesn't disappoint as he fucks them both hard in some hot threesome action before Severin jacks him off and makes him cum all over Kiki.  Every older guy should have two younger playmates like Severin Graves and Kiki Munroe. (running time 56:51)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

6/10/2016  UPDATE: 170
Gianna Love  previously came to visit her old Uncle Matt and got him to fuck her and fill her with cum.   She comes back to see him again and there is no doubt what she wants this time - more old man sperm!.   Matt is a little hesitant and is feeling guilty about it but can't resist her wet, tight young pussy and her warm mouth on his hard cock.   After pounding her doggystyle and in several other positions she rides his old cock until he fills her cunt with his sperm in a dripping creampie.    Something tells me old Matt now really looks forward to more visits from his horny young niece! (RUNNING TIME 37:57)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

5/5/2016  UPDATE: 169
Olivia did her first porn shoot taking BBC.  Now she is back to take an older black cock in her ass in her first anal on camera!   After skillfully sucking his cock, he bends her over a chair and fucks her pussy before working it in her 19 yo. butthole.  He assfucks her good until she sucks his cock ass to mouth and takes a nice load on her cute face in a dripping facial.  But she is not done!  She sucks his cock to get him hard again and climbs on for some nice reverse cowgirl in her pussy and then her ass.  He finishes by pounding her ass doggystyle and blowing his load deep in her butt.  I think we have created a new black cock anal slut!  (running time 41:09)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

4/14/2016  UPDATE: 168
Anastasia Rose is now 18 and has a nice set of tits and she knows it.  For a long time she has had a crush on her BFF's older brother Larry.  She no longer wants to play with dolls and such, but rather toys like a nice hard cock.    After teasing Larry and telling him how she feels, he licks her pussy until she hops on and rides his hard cock.  After lots of cocksucking and cock riding, Larry unloads his man juice in Anastasia's hot pussy in a dripping creampie.  Anastasia is all grown up for sure!  Running time (24:43) For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE       Or to buy just this video     CLICK HERE

3/9/2016  UPDATE: 167
Summer Blu is a fun slut originally from Wisconsin who is gullible enough to believe that old porn producer Matt can make her a big porn star.  She quickly shows her cocksucking skills as Matt enjoys a great BJ.   After climbing on for some cock riding, Summer was eager to show she could be a porn star.  She knew that taking cock in her ass would get her more porn work.   So while getting fucked doggystyle, she surprised old Matt by inviting him to put his old cock in her ass.   In no time, old Matt blew his load in her ass in a hot anal creampie.!   (RUNNING TIME 27:00)    For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE     Or to buy just this video     CLICK HERE

2/1/2015  UPDATE: 166
Lola Hunter finds herself all alone in her hotel room and very horny.  So she calls down to the front desk and reports that she has a "plumbing problem" in her room and could they send Larry the maintenance guy she had seen in the hallway earlier.  Larry shows up and has no idea what he is in for as he walks in on Lola playing with her pussy.   She wastes no time getting Larry's cock out and using her expert cocksucking skills.   After she climbs on Larry's cock and rides it, in very short time he busts his load in her pussy in a dripping creampie.   But she wants more fucking so she sucks his cock hard again and gets fucked hard doggy and more until Larry is totally exhausted.   I think I will apply for a job as a hotel maintenance man!   (RUNNING TIME 25:49)! (RUNNING TIME 45:58)    For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE     Or to buy just this video     CLICK HERE

1/18/2016  UPDATE: 165
Bobbi Dylan is a slender petite slut who wants to try porn.  She hears that to be successful in porn she needs to show great skills with big black cock.  Even though she has never experienced a black cock before, she eagerly decides to try it with our guy.  After shyly stroking his cock with her slender hands, she takes it in her mouth and shows us how cute she looks with a hard cock in her mouth.  But that is just a preview of how she looks with her slender ass grinding as she takes the BBC in her tight pussy and rides it.   After spreading wide and getting fucked missionary, she is ready for his sperm all over her slender tummy and pussy.   It looks like Bobbi Dylan is ready to be a pornstar!   (RUNNING TIME 33:38)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE     Or to buy just this video   CLICK HERE

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